Heating or Furnace Repair

It sure gets cold in Houston on some winter days, and the only thing you can turn to is your furnace. However, even your furnace gives out sometimes, and the only thing left to do is to call the HVAC technician. Advanced Comfort Solutions will send you the best technicians in Houston, they are well-trained in all types of HVAC equipment, even the lesser-known brands.

With Advanced Comfort Solutions, what you see is what you get. The quote that you get is the price you have to pay, not a cent more. There are no hidden fees and even if the work drags on for a few extra hours, we will still stick to the price we quoted.

Just a reminder, however cheap the price of our repairs, the price of conducting maintenance on your furnace is still cheaper. This is because during maintenance, the problems that we can spot with furnaces are usually small, hence it is cheap to rectify. However, if you leave it too late, these problems will fester and these problems will eventually need repairs, which are costly.

In the end, maintaining your furnace every year is still the best way to save money. Servicing your system every year will increase your system’s lifespan up to an extra 5 years.

Heater or Furnace Replacement and Installation

Are you thinking about doing something with that old furnace of yours? You start to hear it making weird noises, and it looks like something’s going to give. You’re not even sure that it is keeping the heat in effectively any more. Well, if you are living in Houston or its outskirts, you can give us a call. Advanced Comfort Solutions always responds in a jiffy, we will send one of our consultants to take a look at your home and ask you some questions to gauge what you really need.

We will work around your budget so that you can get the best heating your money can buy. Your air quality is also very important to us and we will advise you accordingly on how to improve upon it. All these aspects have to be studied so that the installation will be seamless. Even a minute error during installation could negatively affect the furnace for years to come.

Once we decide on an installation date, we will send one of our technicians to be in charge of the entire installation process so that the work will be of the highest standard, ensuring an energy-efficient furnace. All our employees have been trained to place cleanliness’ importance above all else so they will cover everything to make sure that once they leave your home, it is as clean as it was before the installation. We are also very transparent, if you check with all our customers in Houston, they will tell you that what we quote is the price to pay, there are no hidden charges. Even if we run into problems during the installation and we need extra hours to wrap up, you will still be charged the quoted price.