Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

Just like a car, you have to do your part in maintenance and not depend solely on your mechanic when you visit him every 3,000 miles. Just like you always having to pump your own tires when you feel there are slightly deflated, you also have to do some maintenance on your own to keep your equipment as cost-effective as possible.


  • Be early. When the hot Houston summer rolls around the corner, this will be the time you usually start to look at your air conditioner again after forgetting about it in the colder months. By that time, it would probably look quite dirty. Give us a call, don’t wait until summer has already crept up on you. The best time to do so is earlier in spring, so that you have ample time to address any problems (if there are any).
  • Pay attention. If you heed the advice above, you should also switch on your unit in Spring to get reacquainted with it. After all, you have grown apart over the past few months. The first thing you should do is take a sniff. Your nose should be able to tell you if there is something wrong. The smell of mould and mildew is unmistakable. Houston, we have a problem. Call us!


Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

Most people tend to leave things until the last minute. When push comes to shove, only then do people scramble to do the things that were needed long ago. We always see this in the HVAC industry with people who are planning to install a new air conditioning system. Many wait until summer when the temperature is soaring before they finally make the decision to install. Those who live in Houston know all too well how high the temperatures here can go. Air Conditioning Solutions provides immediate service so you won’t be left in the heat when your system breaks down.

When thinking about installing a new air conditioner, there are many cost factors you should keep in mind. Firstly, when it is hot outside, it will be boiling inside. This means it will be more difficult and uncomfortable for technicians during the installation process, and they are likely to charge more. Therefore, always try to install air conditioners in the winter. Or, at the very least, in spring, before the heat wave arrives.

It is also necessary to consider electricity costs. There have been many technological improvements in air-conditioners just in the past few years alone. Air-conditioners today are extremely energy-efficient, so much so that you can cut your electricity bills by more than half if you switch. Advanced Comfort Solutions will talk you through this decision-making process to help you determine whether a new air conditioner is the answer or if a tune-up would suffice.